Friday, July 31, 2009

Vanayatra: Visiting tribal schools in Rajasthan

Vanayatra is an integrated and essential part of FTS activities. Local bodies organize a trip to some "Ekal Vidyalaya" near to the place.

These trips are organized to have a first hand experience of activities en site. These vanayatras encourage and motivate FTS members and people at large to serve the tribal society.

Normally these are one day or even half day tours. These are like excursions we enjoyed in our student life. FTS do not expend for these trips. Instead these are contributory.
(FTS is an abbreviation for Friends of Tribal Society)

FTS, Jaipur is planning for a Vanayatra in near future. We will notify in this blog when a schedule will be prepared and finalyzed including date and time of visit, place, contribution etc.

Please inform us if you would like to join the trip.
Jyoti Kothari is recruited as convener of Vanayatra.

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